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Ever since the release of Windows XP, windows customization and modding have experienced an ever-growing community of windows theme modders and skinners but unfortunately, the last two windows released Windows were not really modding friendly.

Rainmeter has tons of skins all over the internet which where created by a vast number of creators, The reason for this is because it is extremely versatile and has tons of utilities which range from system monitoring, audio visualization, audio player skins, time and date, wifi status, various launchers and docks, news feeds, etc just to name a few. Unfortunately, this makes it really difficult to find the best Rainmeter skins that are worth your time but no worries because this is where we come to help you out by compiling this list of our top 20 best Rainmeter themes windows 8 download free skins of This list is based on our preference and on the vote of our users so without further ado here is our top 20 Rainmeter skins of Note: To use any of this skins, you need to have Rainmeter software installed on your windows PC.

If you love nature and all its beauties and at the same time are a fan of the sci-fi genre, then glass shards Rainmeter skin is the perfect suite for your desktop. It is one of the most unique Rainmeter skins you will find online, it displays an array of functions such as audio visualization, weather forecast, system monitoring, the time and the date, battery usage, useful windows short cuts and many more.

You will never have a boring desktop once you have it running and you will be surprised by how often you will keep staring at your desktop. Download below. We most likely will all agree that minimalistic designs make our desktop look fresh and clean. Titillium is one of the most elegant minimalistic rainmeter skins we were able to lay our eyes upon, it matches well with a vast number of wallpapers than always matches well with the windows 10 theme style.

Titilium rainmeter skin will display your system resources, current weather, some quick lunch shortcuts, the time and the date and it includes a rather simple yet impressive audio visualizer. On our third spot of the best rainmeter skins is sticky bar. It is needless to say why this bar skin matches so well with lots of gorgeous wallpapers and you can see a couple of examples from our previews above.

Grab it now from the download link below. It was tough for us to not rate this one in our number one spot of best rainmeter skins, Neon space is the most visually stunning Rainmeter skin in our list, It comes with a multitude of glowing skins and super cool animated skins that will keep you staring at your windows desktop for hours.

Neon space rainmeter suite contains pretty much all the skin types that you can imagine. We are not sure what makes NXT-OS so special, probably its Mac-os feel combined with an elegant minimalist design, NXT-OS rainmeter rainmeter themes windows 8 download free has incredible smooth animations and a smooth and clean feel to it.

It rainmeter themes windows 8 download free with skins such as a calculator skin, a nice visualizer, system monitoring, docks and launchers, notes and reminder, screen lock and an audio player skin to name a few. Text clock Rainmeter skin is another very unique skin, it is the simplest one in this list. This one is actually just a time skin but it displays the time as a text using a modern font. Text clock alone on your wallpaper will transform the whole feel of it.

We highly recommend it to anyone who likes things the basic way and to minimalists. It comes with a nice and modern looking circular clock, a vertical sidebar which is a launcher, an audio player, some docks and a picture slideshow. If you like having a clean and neat desktop, then you will definitely enjoy rusa jantan suite.

The fine details in this skin and the way they blend so well with the wallpaper is just genius. If you are into gears, steam pumps or the retro genre in general then you are gonna enjoy Alice reworked rainmeter suite. It comes with skins such as a clock, system monitoring, network activity, an audio player some docks and launchers and many more.

If you are not into flashy desktops and prefer darker skins and themes, then consider installing midnight mount rainmeter skin. Midnight mount suite is an elegant blend between a futuristic rainmeter skin layout and lots of dark wallpapers you can find throughout the internet as can be seen on the preview above. Midnight mount comes with a horizontal gray bar that displays some utilities such as the time and date, a search bar, windows special folders shortcuts, an audio player, some famous quote lines and a weather skin.

Fountain of colors is currently the most used Rainmeter visualizer out there and the reason for that is quite understandable given its extremely customizability and ease of integration with almost rainmeter themes windows 8 download free wallpaper.

The colors, bar length, orientation, and many more features can be tweaked to your liking. Named after the German music record enigma. This skin has a mysterious feel to it and it is one of the most famous Rainmeter skins out there. Enigma Rainmeter skin is a graceful skin for anyone who likes the style of the default illustro skins. It comes with skins such as a sidebar and a taskbar that contains the calendar, clock, music player, various system resource monitors, feed reader, weather and a lot more.

Enigma rainmeter is for everyone who likes to have a neat and functional layout. Download it from the download button below. Cold rainmeter skin is a perfect example of the amazing ability of some rainmeter skin to perfectly blend into a wallpaper. The light glares and mist give a chill filing to it. Have you ever wished to find a Rainmeter skin which would be the perfect match for windows default style?

It stays true to the fresh and modern feel of windows Do you rainmeter themes windows 8 download free the iron man movie series and ever wanted to have his user interface on your desktop?

This one rainmeter themes windows 8 download free been out for a while and if you have used rainmeter in the past, you most likely might have come across it somewhere.

It features a futuristic hi-tech circular hub which has a wide number of rainmeter themes windows 8 download free functions next to making your desktop popping. Tech-a has functionalities such as an audio player, weather forecast, shortcuts and useful rainmeter themes windows 8 download free, a vast range of different system monitors.

This skin is for all techies out there. Download it now below. One important aspect of windows vista and 7 was their glossy effect which was and is still one of the best windows visual style. You can now bring that back to your desktop using the glasses rainmeter skin. The glasses suite skins all have a transparent glossy background on which you will find widgets such as a clock skin, recycle bin, a weather skin, notes and feed reader, system and network monitoring a slide show viewer and much more.

Glasses rainmeter skin is one of the classic and best rainmeter skins out there. Download it now from the link below. Yet another Rainmeter skin which is a perfect blend of rainmeter skins and an awesome wallpaper, wisp is a true work of art. Wisp rainmeter will totally transform your rainmeter themes windows 8 download free and will leave anyone who sets eyes on it with questions about how you got it.

Wisp features a woody rainmeter themes windows 8 download free with tiles on which some rainmeter skins are laid out, they rainmeter themes windows 8 download free a weather skin, time and date, network status, system resources monitoring, e-mail notifications and the CPU and GPU temperatures.

Download link below. If you did rainmeter themes windows 8 download free attention to the monitors used in the Avengers airship Helicarrier in the Avengers first movie, then you notice this skin looks exactly like those Rainmeter themes windows 8 download free. Avengers rainmeter skin is a fan favorite skin for not just the Avengers fans but to all marvel universe fans and to sci-fi lovers in general.

Avengers rainmeter comes in three colors, orange, blue, and red. Each will display two launchers one vertical and the other horizontalan audio player, the time and date, volume control and system monitors.

The Dieselpunk genre might not be as popular as the steampunk genre, but we have to admit that it sure looks damn good with its steel rainmeter themes windows 8 download free and retro gauges. Dieselpunk rainmeter skin is one of the best retro-style rainmeter theme available to download. Download from rainmeter themes windows 8 download free, you will be amazed, it definitely deserves its spot in the Top rainmeter skins to download. Nexa Rainmeter skin is a productivity-oriented skin that is similar to the default illustro rainmeter skin.

If you just want the functionalities off rainmeter and not the styling aspect then you will be happy with Nexa. It features two background styles. Nexa will display skins such as rainmeter themes windows 8 download free wifi status, tons of system monitors, a now playing skin, disk usage, volume control and more. Download it below. Are you a minimalist with a thing for the freezing north?

Sidebar rainmeter skin features a vertical left bar with a simple but pretty design. It also comes with a circular cool looking time clock. Glass Shards. Sticky Bar. Neon Space. Text Clock. Rusa Jantan.

Alice Reworked. Midnight Mount. Fountain Of Colors. Cold Rainmeter. July Flat'ish. Shield OS. Diesel Punk. Side Bar 1. You can download new skins from this site, we keep updating our skin base with all new skins worth your attention. Ever since its release, Rainmeter always had a dedicated group of developers constantly improving it and adding new features with every new release.

You can follow their work at forum. Rainmeter also have a great community on Reddit, check them out reddit. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram.

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Oct 14,  · A Windows 8 inspired desktop theme to give your computer a new look. Windows 7/8//10; Download Now Clicking this link will start the installer to download Rainmeter free for Windows. Currently active. Omnimo UI for Rainmeter. + RAINMETER SKINS collections for Windows 10/8/7. Download and apply free Rainmeter skins or themes. Customize you desktop and make it personal looks. 10 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows [Free Download].

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    Titilium rainmeter skin will display your system resources, current weather, some quick lunch shortcuts, the time and the date and it includes a rather simple yet impressive audio visualizer. click the download button below to get it. 3. Sticky Bar. On our third spot of the best rainmeter skins is sticky bar.

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